About Project

What is Trail of Wonder?

It is a visionary travel project created for all lovers of exploration. This is a project that allows you to explore the world with a group of positively oriented people who have similar aspirations for personal development. We aim to evolve ourselves by experiencing life through fun and exotic experiences that brings unbridled laughter.

The Trail of Wonder is a great way to discover new passions and talents. It’s a platform that connects travelers who prefer to set new trails instead of walking the beaten paths. Trail of Wonder is a meeting place for those travel fanatics who want to explore and develop their sense of teamwork and authenticity. During our expeditions we learn how to absorb this beautiful world in a group while also accepting our different needs, preferences, and tendencies. We learn to care for each other and respectfully exchange our highest selves of wisdom and passion.

Trail of Wonder offers low budget expeditions, at costs up to 50% less than tours offered by larger travel agencies. Why? Because our trips are aimed at those people who are happy to give up more expensive luxuries such as 5-star hotels and 5-course meals in fancy restaurants for more culturally grounded comforts. Our trips may include spending the night under a tent in the forest surrounded by wildlife and the noise of the river and the croaking frogs while we eat a meal cooked over a fire. Or perhaps a trip that includes local public transportation, that may not necessarily include taxi services or expensive transportation companies, but the experience of riding a tap-tap in Haiti or mountain hiking with our backpacks to a local village market.

We purposefully keep our expedition groups small because we believe that experiences such as these allow us to get to know one another in a closer way as we explore all the beauty that can be experienced from a locals perspective. This allows us the ability to provide a very individual approach to each participant and get to know you as a person. We believe that our approach has allowed us to create a vibrant and happy community of like-minded traveling souls who remain connected long after the trips are over.

We are able to offer such great savings and low cost expeditions because we have chosen to forego a fancy company structure with a highrise building location, exclusive offices, and countless employees that we don’t know personally. Instead, we’ve chosen to focus our budget on creating the cheapest and most cost-effective trips. We’ve chosen to assume that the best advertising will come from our participants of previous expeditions who will know first-hand what we have to offer and recommend one of our trips to people.

„Imagination is the roadmap of Creation”


If you want to:

  • Join a group of friends who are passionate explorers of the world and discoverers of our human potential
  • Experience an incredible adventure that will not cost you a fortune
  • Travel in a small group because you appreciate the individual approach to people
  • Experience something new and exciting
  • Get to know the exotic side of the world using unique and carefully prepared programs
  • Focus on absorbing your freedom without worrying about the details like transportation or accomodation
  • Receive a commemorative video documenting your journey

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And for dessert, what distinguishes us from others...

Unique tour programs

An attractive element of the trips offered through Trail of Wonder are their unique tour programs created to provide participants with original, genuine, and unconventional experiences. The programs we create for each of our tours are prepared before the trip with precision and passion. The aspiration of this company is to inspire elements of independence in each participant so that we guide your path rather than lead you by the hand. We encourage people to decide for themselves what they want to experience at any given moment and then make the choices desired to shape their individual wants from the trips. While most of the excursions during our trips are done as a group, your participation in everything is not required nor mandatory.

A unique offering of our trips, is that some details can be customized by you to fit your desires. No two people are the same. Because of this, the trip’s itinerary can be slightly modified during the expedition by the participants themselves. We believe in free choice so we leave the ultimate decisions of the trip in the hands of those who are on the trip. For example, if something is scheduled but someone or the group as a whole decides they would like to do something else, that is fine by us! This is your trip too and we want you to be happy through every aspect of your adventure.

Our company philosophy is based around the freedom of individual choices that lead to the highest states of joy. Our trips are not bound by a rigid structure or mandatory participation in all excursions. We always remain open to any proposal for a change of secondary plans as we remain focused on the main motivations of the trip. Because our groups are small, we are able to adapt to individual needs. We just ask that you communicate your desires with us in a timely manner to help us maintain the integrity of the trip.

Video documentation of the journey

Another unique feature of ours expeditions is the documentation of the whole journey by the group leader. After the trip ends, each participant will receive a commemorative video so that the highlights of the trip can be remembered and shared with others. We are passionate about filmography and pride ourselves in the recording and editing of short action clips. The creation of our short movies are an important and constantly evolving branch of this company. We are constantly working on the development of our graphic skills and believe that the quality of subsequent videos will improve with each trip. Being featured in the video is not required, but if you wish to participate, you can become a star of the clip and present yourself spontaneously in front of the camera. This is great fun for both the video maker and those who are on the other side of the lens. Together, we can share our individual and authentic expression of joy. A short film documenting our common adventures during the expedition is a wonderful memorabilia that every participant will be able to share with family and friends upon return.