Who is Grisza?

Grisza is the founder of Trail of Wonder. He pursues wonderment as he embodies his true senses and shares his brave visionary outlook. He follows in the footsteps of his ideal feelings; in joy propose balance, harmony and equality. He dances, flies, and walks while whistling with the songs of the wind. He uses his hands to sculpt the fire of his dreams...

In my own words...


My name is Grzegorz Sochań and I am passionate about joy. I love skydiving, mountain biking, playing basketball under the clouds, and riding my bike slowly around the world. I enjoy walking alone in beautiful environments and collecting unforgetful impressions with a group of friends. I like to cook for others and will eat almost anything that sizzles happily on the pan. Currently I'm running a YouTube channel documenting my travel adventures. I offer insights, inspirations, and memoirs of past travels compiled into a moving image.


After graduating with a bachelor of culture studies from the Department of Philosophy and Pedagogy of Ignatianum Academy in Cracow I started traveling the world. I grew up among a wealth of different cultures, traditions and mentalities. Every trip to an unknown corner of the world has taught me fresh perspective and taught me how to deal with unexpected situations. My work history includes;working as an event organizer and performer in Dubai, as a receptionist and barista in the tourism sector of the United Kingdom, Spain and Malaysia. I discovered my love of gardening, house painting, and physical work while exploring France, Germany and Norway, My last two summer seasons have been spent as a cycling guide for a California travel agency, that organized tours for American tourists across Europe.


I believe that fulfilling dreams is the most natural way to operate for each person. I live and breathe this philosophy and everyday I follow the voice of my heart and listen carefully to my intuition. My openness to the diversity of perspectives that surround me constantly teaches me to accept everything in my experience and extract what is most beneficial to me in the moment. I cultivate a healthy and tolerant relationship with everyone that comes into my reality and the perspectives they choose to offer. Concurrently, I learn how to validate my own values and preferences.

What am I doing now?

At present, I am organizing small group expeditions under the banner of Trail of Wonder. I also provide online consultations and life coaching which, can be found in the Open Dreamline tab of my website. This is the way I want to share my perspective with those who may need support, clarity, motivation to act, or the necessary information to further develop in their desired sector of life. My schedule is flexible and I am excited to connected with you.

In 2016, my first book was released: "On the trail of Wonder: A Journey into the Unknown." I encourage readers to play with their imagination and try to enrich readers hearts with courage, authenticity and motivation for a sincere and creative activity. I enjoy writing and hope to continue publishing the words of my heart using pen and page.

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