Open Dreamline

What is the Open Dreamline?

The Open Dreamline is the way I want to share my perspective with anyone who may need the support, motivation, or necessary information for further development. The Open Dreamline is my answer to my growing passion for sharing my perspective and all the relevant reflections in my eyes. I love to cheer people up and motivate them to be positive and creative. Honest conversation is a wonderful tool for that. During our online conversations (using the platform, google hangouts or Skype), I will share with you my ideas for resolving issues, fears or doubts you are ready to release from your life. I will show you why this fear or misunderstanding was born and how to let them go. I will also give you tips or techniques that will guide you on the right path. I sincerely believe that all of us, thanks to working with our belief system, definitions, attitudes, and motivation, are able to walk through life full of joy, a sense of fulfillment, and freedom. I want to awaken in you a sense of alignment and confidence for your desired direction of growth. You direct the narrative of our conversation.

Topics can include:

  • Finding negative beliefs, definitions, and unfavorable interpretations of reality
  • Getting rid of unfavorable thought tendencies
  • Calming and soothing impulsive and reactive mindsets
  • Building together the sense of self-confidence, motivation and boldness
  • Encouraging the feeling of unity with our environment
  • Giving our highest value to the present moment
  • Learning to integrate our inner wisdom and bring it into everyday life from the level of Consciousness
  • Discovering the process of manifesting experiences using the tools of Allowance, Acceptance, Trust
  • Having fun together and getting to know each other to ultimately improve our well being


The service offered by me are very pleasant and easy to master. My suggestions of change is a process that makes life become understandable, joyful, prosperous and beautiful. I am convinced that the information I want to share with you can be a useful dose of inspiration and motivation to try out in your life. This is a line for those who feel a little bit lost in the world and seek their own way through it. It's created for those, who would like to rise above the limits imposed upon themselves and give greater meaning to their existence. This line is great and simple tool for those who have forgotten their divine potential and want to remind themselves of it. I will show you how to activate this inner part of you. My offerings through sincere conversation is an encouragement for you, dear reader, to find the inner teacher in your heart by following your passions and dreams. I invite you to an honest and easy-going talk. I invite you to join me as we learn from one another and help each other grow.


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